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“We at vPrimeTech strive to ensure the solutions provided are tailored towards the end goal of your business needs. Capable and experienced members of our team help businesses design and implement technology strategies, buy the best software and cloud solutions for the lowest cost possible. Software procurement and cloud migration is not the end; we are always right there when you need us.”
Jan Ghalib (CEO)

vPrime Tech has a Value Added Reseller (VAR) model. Customers in the State, Local, Education (SLED), Federal, and Commercial verticals are among our clients. We address the needs of everyone from hospitals to hospitality, and our products are industry agnostic. We have been in business since January 2021 and we have a very capable pre-sales, sales and sales engineering team. We are always available to assist our customers in achieving their technology objectives, no matter how ambitious they may be. We began with software, but our customers requested that we assist them with OnPrem solutions, SaaS solutions, Audio Video, and other services, so we are not confined to software procurement, hybrid IT, or cloud migration. Hardware sales now account for more than 30% of our total revenue. We strive to be the best at what we do and we are growing exponentially.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simply to help the business we work with accomplish their IT infrastructure goals so they can see maximum productivity and do so securely.

Vision Statement

Through our hard work and dedication, we hope to be viewed as a respected, dependable, and always available IT value added reseller to whom you can always go back.

Values Statement

Each member of our team is a keen listener, and they hold the solutions they recommend to a high standard. We ensure you are getting the solution that will solve the problem you are currently facing, but it would be a great solution down the road and help you achieve goals on your road map.

Contact Us

1400 Broadfield BLVD STE 200, Houston TX 77084
(833) 333-1314
Available: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Jan Ghalib


Jan Ghalib is the CEO of the company and has assembled this capable team.

Adrian Kimbel

Marketing Specialist

Adrian brings a wealth of partnering & marketing knowledge to the team.

Ron Ghalib

Sales & Partners Specialist

Rokhan has been a key member of the sales and partnering team since day one.

Simon Hemingway


Simon has been the mind behind our nationwide presence and our ambition to work globally.