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Our team of highly trained associates work with you to find solutions tailored towards your end goal while keeping the cost minimal.

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We are committed to revolutionizing your workplace to ensure maximum productivity and seamless integration.

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We at vPrime Tech are dedicated and committed to working with you to find you the best solutions and pricing for your individual technology needs.

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The experience, buying power, and negotiation skills our team bring to the table ensures that you get the software(s) you need inexpensively and in a timely fashion.
Our Cloud Migration services allow you to secure your data, maximize your productivity, improve agility, and eradicate complexity & vulnerability.
With employees working from home cyber-security, and storage can be a much more significant challenge. We can work with you to find a tailored solution.

Who is behind the team and FAQs

The employees who are a part of this team have their area of expertise and skill set. Depending on what we are working on for you, we tag in the team member who can give you the best answers and find you the best solutions.

Members of our team can work with you, identify your individual needs and make recommendations based on the constraints you provide, ensuring maximum productivity with minimal cost.

Businesses spend quite a bit to get a little more efficiency, storage, and processing power. Servers and applications are rapidly moving to the cloud to meet the needs of employees and customer demand.

Depending on your needs, one cloud service may be more beneficial for you than the other. Schedule a free consultation, and we will gladly listen to your needs and recommend a solution.

The partners we work with are known for their world-class cybersecurity. They are there to ensure no incident takes place. We work together with them to find you a tailored solution that projects what is important to you.

What’s it like working with us?

We work with you to understand your security, storage, licensing, software, and cloud needs.
Our expertise in the field allows us to recommend a tailored solution towards your end goal.


Our team is composed of members who have years of experience in their area

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Having a good grasp of what you need to succeed is as important to us as it is to you


vPrime Tech team will go above and beyond to get you what you need


Working together to design infrastructure that maximizes growth & productivity


Dependability is in the very core of our business model and you’ll experience it


We understand your growth ambitions & we provide you with tools to accomplish them.

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We work with our partners to get you what you need quickly and at the lowest cost

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Who does vPrime Tech work with ?

We work with private businesses as well a federal, state and local governments. In addition to that we also work with educational institutes to meet their technology needs. We are located in Texas but after Covid-19 we will also expand our business to the New England region.

Happy Clients in US have worked with us and have been extremely happy with the outcome.
Projects completed on time and on budget with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Working Hours with enthusiasm and passion to deliver outstanding service.

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